Who we are

WBWR. Uniting diverse minds,Igniting Innovation

Originating from diverse corners of the world - Africa, India, Europe, and the USA, we are a mosaic of thinkers, dreamers, and doers. Whether we hail from renowned universities, global agencies, the big four consultants, or the vibrant realms of code, our DNA is intertwined with business acumen, human empathy, and technological prowess. After working at, or leading large network agencies in five global markets, we decided to found WBWR in 2014. Understanding the power of digital connections, in relation to the deeper desires of people.

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Connecting cultures
through digital experiences

Today, digital experiences play a pivotal role in connecting individuals to a brand or product, its culture, and each other. They are the catalysts. They create deeper and more dynamic connections. Adaptive, and ever-evolving. Be it through Apps, platforms, blogs, or websites, it is key to immerse yourself in its cultural nuances. Leading to a sustainable connection and the highest level of conversion.

our vision

Shaping empathetic digital harmony

A brand's culture is the heartbeat of its being, the symphony of its past, present, and future. Culture resonates as the soul's language, uniting us in a timeless tapestry of shared stories and experiences.

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At WBWR, we recognize the power of digital encounters in uniting cultures. In today's landscape, these encounters serve as bridges, linking people to brands, products, and one another. They're the transformative force behind deeper bonds and dynamic interactions. Whether through Apps, platforms, blogs, or websites, embracing cultural subtleties is paramount. This immersion paves the way for sustained connections and optimal conversions.

In a world where technology and human connection merge seamlessly, WBWR envisions a future where digital experiences effortlessly intertwine cultures, fostering empathy, awareness, and harmony.

Our Offices


The Cape Town Office

Excelling in design, development, and high-end media knowledge and power. Together with the Amsterdam office, it fulfills the comprehensive needs of our local and global clients.

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The Amsterdam Office

Supporting the group with strategic, conceptual, technical, and social media insights and concepts. Guided by leadership by Rodger and Anna, this office is the creative and strategic engine of the group.

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Our values

Guiding transformative excellence

In WBWR innovation meets humanity to create unparalleled digital experiences. As we explore our core values driving us ahead, we extend an invitation to unveil the very heart of our approach — a symphony composed of empathy, creativity, limitless thinking, exploration, collaboration, and tangible results.

  • Human first. In our pursuit of greatness, venture beyond the confines of data and research.Embrace the transformative power of human desire, and let it be the driving force behind your digital strategy. Together, we'll create a journey that goes beyond expectations, shaping experiences that leave a profound and lasting impact on the hearts and minds of your audience.
  • Be creative. We let our imagination roam, and let your ideas soar. We are the vanguard of creative excellence, forging a path that others can only aspire to follow. Let's breathe life into the extraordinary, breaking free from conventions and crafting experiences that resonate on a deeply human level. Together, we'll redefine the very essence of creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the world we touch.
  • Think limitless. Embrace limitless possibilities. Think beyond AI's boundaries. Pioneer new frontiers. Dare to create the future we envision. Unleash boundless imagination. Redefine what's possible. Empower change with unwavering determination. Together, we shape a world where innovation knows no limits, where we thrive on embracing the unknown, and where the spirit of progress guides us to unprecedented heights.
  • Break new ground. Be explorative. In the realm of innovation, we should dare to dream big, think freely, and embrace the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. If the AI tools available today do not yet meet our aspirations, then we shall rise to the occasion and create our own solutions. We shall embark on an audacious quest, fueled by unbounded curiosity and the relentless pursuit of progress.
  • Collaborate. Together, we transcend boundaries. Together, we transcend boundaries. In WBWR, collaboration is the heartbeat of our innovation. We blend diverse talents from renowned universities, global agencies, big four consultants, and code realms. With collective business acumen, empathy, and technological prowess, we founded WBWR after leading in five global markets. Collaboration propels us to reimagine possibilities, crafting digital experiences that inspire and connect.
  • Drive conversion driven results. In the digital arena of WBWR, where talk takes a backseat, a chef's expertise is unveiled through the sumptuous dishes served before you. We believe in putting skin in the game, offering a fee based on conversion, knowing that just as a skilled chef chooses the finest ingredients and masters the art of cooking, your culinary prowess will captivate hearts and leave diners yearning for more. The proof lies not in words but in the unforgettable flavors that keep patrons returning for an experience beyond compare.


Michael van den Heerlik

CEO | Founding Partner

Rodger Beekman

CCO | Partner

Shaun Summerbee

CMO | Partner

Our awards

Our skills are recognised by our clientsand sometimes also by the juries

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In the vast tapestry of creative brilliance, we find ourselves a small, yet distinct thread. Over the years, our global ensemble has been awarded over 70 times, out of a pool of more than 100 shortlists. Our honors range from the renowned Cannes Lions and the prestigious D&AD to the celebrated Dutch ADCN and the evocative Loerie. And the past year saw us shine at Lisbon’s International Advertising Festival.

A segment of our creative vanguard has had the honor of gracing international juries for over a decade. This year, WBWR’s presence will be felt at the Lisbon International Festival as a jury curator. While accolades were never our true north, we’re profoundly moved by this global nod to our passion.

To delve deeper into our philosophy, Rodger and Michael awaits your curiosity at [email protected] or [email protected]